Hey there, thanks for jumping in and checking us out, we're happy to have you here. Ive been using medicinal grade cannabis for many years with incredible results.  We are located in Maine, one of the best places in the entire world for Elite Medicinal Cannabis.  We offer all sorts of products, and will have most of them up on our website very soon. From clothing, and personal items, to all sorts of pipes, and vaporizers.  We will also have things like calendars, and coffee mugs, recipe books, instructional videos, and hemp products. Soon we will have our own line of stickers, and other fun products to choose from too. Hope you have a great day     -Summit

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My story with cannabis

Posted on March 5, 2016 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Hi again, sorry it's been a while since my last post. Ive been working on some things with cannabis, the stigma (judgements) and fear caused by the lies told to all of us. If you get a chance take a look at one of our facebook pages Cannabis - Curing Americans. This is from this page


Cannabis - Curing Americans·

I created this page a month or so ago, after months of research, to help a relative understand all the research that Ive been doing to help them find relief with cannabis or just help them understand that there is another option, instead of things like chemo and radiation, and the hundreds of poisonous rx drugs like opiates, and others you need to take because of the side effects of opiates.

I found cannabis years ago and use it instead of rx meds. I had a spine injury about a dozen years ago, and havent been close to the person I used to be. Until I found incredible results treating with cannabis. I feel it's very important to help others realize the truth for themselves. I finally came up with the courage to tell the family about this page, and my use of this healing plant.

Now I hope that other folks will add there story to this page, and help others. help Americans learn the science and find true relief for themselves and their families. Inner balance = Inner Peace The health oppression and the suffering in America needs to stop. Cannabis is the oldest, safest, most beneficial medicine on earth. The only two substanbces on earth as beneficial to human health, are air and water. If cannabis were discovered today, it would be considered the biggest discovery toward human health in our history. These are some of the reasons I hope that cannabis curing americans helps others share the science, studies, articles, and videos. Help end the fear surrounding this plant. Feed your immune system, your organs, your mind, by nourishing your internal (endo) cannabinoid system with cannabis. Dosing is extremely important. Some people achieve the best results with micro dosing. While others need a hugher dose to achieve the best results. Finding the right dose for you is a very important first step.

I created this particular page as well as a couple others like Summit medical marijuana, and my personal page Dennis Maine.

I've also been focused on some of the current and really bad legalize proposals in Maine cannabis. We've been working hard to do the right thing for our neighbors in Maine. There is a small group working in Maine to monopolize on our people, and our medicine. They are trying to achieve all of this through deceit, lies, threats, and bribes. So I've been working very hard to affect our state in a way that stops this proposal. Not willing to accept all of the destruction this current path will cause to our state. I created a group on fb called Maine cannabis for Maine citizens. Mainers for Mainers. This is a political group with a main focus, and goal of achieving a better future for our children, and their children. I've been threatened, I've been insulted by the person running the program, and the people supporting him. Well, the outcome was that the iniative or proposal was dropped.  When the guy running the program is threatening patients in so many ways, it pushed me to get out of my shell, and try to help. I had hoped to help folks understand what this proposal would bring to Maine. Lousy quality meds, patients that cant find the caregiver they need, because these big legal shops will push everyone else out of the market. crushing the folks that make our program here in Maine special. I call it the monopolizing people project, because thats their goal. to take over everything in our state just to tear apart everything we have. 

So I wanted to continue my story about my experiences treating with cannabis. After first becoming a patient about 5 years ago or so, and being the first patient of a couple of caregiver groups, I couldnt afford meds. I was in a rough financial situation. Being injured the way I was, I'm not really able to live a normal life, or make a normal living. So I started to grow for myself. I've been growing cannabis for years now. after working extremely hard for years, always trying to achieve better results, and having the cannabis guru or master as a mentor, I've been able to build on all of that through side by side experiments, and constant concise focus towards growing the best medicine available anywhere, we've been able to have a couple of break throughs.  Getting results with the quality of our meds that I just havent seen before. I'm very picky about the quality of our medicine, and how the specific genetics, and versions of each strain (phenotypes) are creating the very best medicine. I've gone even further, and from the very best genetics from around the world, we've been able to create new strains that are truly exceptional.

We've been gifting free medicine to folks, that cant afford them for years. Some on a regular, and ongoing basis. So helping others is something that comes naturally. For years we've been helping folks feel better. Helping neighbors is just something we like to do. Recently we started Maine medical marijuana patient evaluations, where a dozen patients, evaluate strains entered, at their homes. Evaluating one a day, at the beginning of the day. Then these patients fill out a form with comments and scores for each entry. Just the other day we got the posters (awards) for the folks who entered meds. I thought it was extremely important for folks to get an idea of what meds might help them best, as well as caregivers getting good feedback on their medicine, and how it helps Maine patients. A win win for everyone. Finding exceptional genetics can take years.

Now we've started our caregiver business, which is one of the best ways of helping folks in Maine, feel better. Cannabis is incredible for so many health issues. It helps me be a better version of me. Balanced mind and body is a wonderful thing!

learn todays science from a few of the pros:

CANNABIS - The Peoples Plant

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Anyone want to try a social experiment?  This idea has something to do with a focus on ending the social stigma of cannabinoids (individual components of cannabis), ending the prohibition of The Peoples Plant, once and for all putting a stop to the oprressioin of our health as a people. Do you have the courage for something like this? post it on fb or anywhere, get people to share. It's about proving the lies are lies, surrounding cannabis, to everyone. A better informed nation makes for a much stronger one. Tell a story about how cannabis helps you right here, and with enough support, we can change the stigma as americans coming together. Americans unite for your neighbors, for their well being. Do it for your family, Do it for your friends, do it for our country, do it for our veterans, do it for you.

Our bodies require cannabinoids to keep our inner endo- cannabinoid system functioning properly, at a fundamental (cellular level). We need to do more work on this plant to even realize its full potential for human health, however the science already out, from world renound doctors all over the world, prove the opposite of what lots of them set out to prove. They base their hypothesis on the facts that cannabis is harmful, and prove their own hypothesis incorrect, and go on to prove how cannabinoids protect us at a cellular level. Think about these things before you decide not to participate, can we allow ourselves to keep the stigma going, or do we have to do whats right for everyone? atleast in the US, hopefully around the world.

Do you have the courage to tell your mom or your grandfather you use cannabis for your health, or to achieve homeostasis (inner balance)?

I dont even think we get high from cannabis (I realize that its possible if thats your goal, and thats perfectly fine, thats what these people need for medicine, or to achieve euphoria or sense of well being), I think the way we feel after using cannabis, thats our bodies way of adjusting or reacting to it's adjustment toward normal functioning levels. I dont prefer the words getting high, because if everyone would use cannabis, it would be about homeostasis as a goal, and we would be able to get the exact science we so desperately need for dosing for each one of our diseases, and each of our people.

It's also important that we help people understand this is The Peoples Plant. It belongs to us, all of the work, and the dedication of our people over the decades, to create what we have today. So only allow legislation in your state and or country that frees our plant to our people. -The Peoples Plant

My story with cannabis

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Hi, I figured I'd share my story with you all about my journey with cannabis. It's been 25 years or so, I'll start at the beginning. I was about 15 when the kids in my neighborhood asked me if I wanted to smoke.

My first instinct was one of curiosity, then the fear set in. So at first I said no. later that week, and after thinking I might like to try it, when I was asked again, I said sure.  Immediately after smoking cannabis for the first time, I felt this sense of calmness, and I was at peace. when this calming wave hit me at first, I didnt know what to think, then within minutes, I realized how much it siuted me.  It's been an on and off again relationship ever since. Until I injured my spine about a dozen years ago. After my injury, and my surgery, I was having real trouble medicating with traditional perscription medications. If you've had any experience with pain managment, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Being in a haze, or turned me into a zombie are things that I hear others say about opiates for treating pain. I felt that same way. Never clear headed, always trying to cope with the severe adverse side effects that come with opiate pain managment. With all that I had going on with trying to cope with my spinal injury, finding ways to live with these side effects seemed impossible. These issues I was having wasnt something I liked to talk about with others. I didnt even like to talk about my health, or my injury. lets face it, people judge others. I was even uncomfortable talking about it with my doctors. My doctors had been changing my pain meds to find something that works well for me. There are some medications I wouldnt even try, because of my fears associated with the suffering we've seen some of them cause with people we know. So some medications were just not a viable option for me.  I think the final straw for me with perscription meds, was when I was using a fentanyl patch. they last for 3 days, and you just put them on your body somewhere. I put them on my shoulders. I had to alternate them though, if I took it off the right arm, I had to be sure to put it on my left after I removed the old one. These fentanyl patches are rediculously strong. the medicine seeps through your pores into your blood stream.

One day I took off my pain patch, and got in the shower.  Sometimes I stay in the shower for a long time, and just let the really hot water heat up my back. That day, after I got out of the shower, I got dressed, and put on the patch, and started to go about my day. all of a sudden, my vision got all hazy, my breathing was speratic, and my heart beat was all over the place. we called the doctor, and they  said I was having a reaction, and I needed to get to the ER. I went, and on the way I realized, I had put the new patch on the same shoulder in the very same spot it was before my shower. Wow, that was a huge no no. I was warned, about never putting it on the same spot as the last one. Thats because these patches open up your pores on your skin, and the medicine gets into your bloodstream way too quickly. Sometimes causing an overdose, well thats what was going on with me. I poisoned myself with this medicine. I felt like an ass to say the least, but that wasnt the end of it either. After I got to the hospital I had a small stroke. The left side of my face went limp, and my left hand was all locked up. I couldnt open my hand, and I couldnt get my face to snap out of it either. After maybe five to ten minutes I still couldnt get my hand or face to stop. Seemed like a long time, but when the doctor finally got in the room, in response to my pulling the alert cord in the bathroom, their worrying look on their face didnt help my situation. They gave me a shot of something heavy, still not sure what it was, some sort of sedative I think. Shortly after my face and hand stopped what they were doing. I dont remember much of that day, but I do remember telling that doctor to fix it, I think I said if you have to break my hand, then do it, but fix it. I wasnt exactly thinking to clearly.

That was the day I decided I needed to stop taking these dangerous medications, and find something that worked better for me. The doctors said I was lucky to get to the fospital when I did. So thats what I did.  I found cannabis, medicinal cannabis, and wow, what a difference. Like night and day. My whole life changed for the better. after years of trying any, and all treatments my doctors would come up with, I finally found this wonder medicine. years later I'm sitting here writing this blog to explain some of the things ive been through with my chronic pain.

After realizing how much it helped me, I started to do lots of research to try to figure out why it helped so well. Years later I'm still researching this plant, studies being done, and all sorts of information from any reliable source. Next I will get into detail about some of my research, and how this plant effetcs our bodies on a cellular level. for instance, did you know that cannabis kills cancer in 4 different ways?