My story with cannabis

Posted on February 7, 2016 at 2:05 AM

Hi, I figured I'd share my story with you all about my journey with cannabis. It's been 25 years or so, I'll start at the beginning. I was about 15 when the kids in my neighborhood asked me if I wanted to smoke.

My first instinct was one of curiosity, then the fear set in. So at first I said no. later that week, and after thinking I might like to try it, when I was asked again, I said sure.  Immediately after smoking cannabis for the first time, I felt this sense of calmness, and I was at peace. when this calming wave hit me at first, I didnt know what to think, then within minutes, I realized how much it siuted me.  It's been an on and off again relationship ever since. Until I injured my spine about a dozen years ago. After my injury, and my surgery, I was having real trouble medicating with traditional perscription medications. If you've had any experience with pain managment, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Being in a haze, or turned me into a zombie are things that I hear others say about opiates for treating pain. I felt that same way. Never clear headed, always trying to cope with the severe adverse side effects that come with opiate pain managment. With all that I had going on with trying to cope with my spinal injury, finding ways to live with these side effects seemed impossible. These issues I was having wasnt something I liked to talk about with others. I didnt even like to talk about my health, or my injury. lets face it, people judge others. I was even uncomfortable talking about it with my doctors. My doctors had been changing my pain meds to find something that works well for me. There are some medications I wouldnt even try, because of my fears associated with the suffering we've seen some of them cause with people we know. So some medications were just not a viable option for me.  I think the final straw for me with perscription meds, was when I was using a fentanyl patch. they last for 3 days, and you just put them on your body somewhere. I put them on my shoulders. I had to alternate them though, if I took it off the right arm, I had to be sure to put it on my left after I removed the old one. These fentanyl patches are rediculously strong. the medicine seeps through your pores into your blood stream.

One day I took off my pain patch, and got in the shower.  Sometimes I stay in the shower for a long time, and just let the really hot water heat up my back. That day, after I got out of the shower, I got dressed, and put on the patch, and started to go about my day. all of a sudden, my vision got all hazy, my breathing was speratic, and my heart beat was all over the place. we called the doctor, and they  said I was having a reaction, and I needed to get to the ER. I went, and on the way I realized, I had put the new patch on the same shoulder in the very same spot it was before my shower. Wow, that was a huge no no. I was warned, about never putting it on the same spot as the last one. Thats because these patches open up your pores on your skin, and the medicine gets into your bloodstream way too quickly. Sometimes causing an overdose, well thats what was going on with me. I poisoned myself with this medicine. I felt like an ass to say the least, but that wasnt the end of it either. After I got to the hospital I had a small stroke. The left side of my face went limp, and my left hand was all locked up. I couldnt open my hand, and I couldnt get my face to snap out of it either. After maybe five to ten minutes I still couldnt get my hand or face to stop. Seemed like a long time, but when the doctor finally got in the room, in response to my pulling the alert cord in the bathroom, their worrying look on their face didnt help my situation. They gave me a shot of something heavy, still not sure what it was, some sort of sedative I think. Shortly after my face and hand stopped what they were doing. I dont remember much of that day, but I do remember telling that doctor to fix it, I think I said if you have to break my hand, then do it, but fix it. I wasnt exactly thinking to clearly.

That was the day I decided I needed to stop taking these dangerous medications, and find something that worked better for me. The doctors said I was lucky to get to the fospital when I did. So thats what I did.  I found cannabis, medicinal cannabis, and wow, what a difference. Like night and day. My whole life changed for the better. after years of trying any, and all treatments my doctors would come up with, I finally found this wonder medicine. years later I'm sitting here writing this blog to explain some of the things ive been through with my chronic pain.

After realizing how much it helped me, I started to do lots of research to try to figure out why it helped so well. Years later I'm still researching this plant, studies being done, and all sorts of information from any reliable source. Next I will get into detail about some of my research, and how this plant effetcs our bodies on a cellular level. for instance, did you know that cannabis kills cancer in 4 different ways?

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